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iCatch Media has earned a stellar reputation in the marketing industry. Our creative team of professionals has raised the bar in au currant, cutting edge and innovative mediums and methods of advertising. We welcome you to join our growing family of satisfied clients…

Marketing isn't just our profession , it's our joi de vivre! Turbocharge your business' pulse with our creative juices and feel the raw energy!
Our clients are like family. Your deadlines become ours. Your trust is taken very seriously. So, free up your time and devote it to your customers, while we take charge of your marketing needs with integrity and honesty.
Our team's combined decades of experience is backed up with a solid track record of performance based results. We look forward to prime your business so that it is poised for the ultimate success.

Creative Ideas That Drive Results

We are a professional branding and marketing agency with experience to make your business thrive!


We are privileged to have positively impacted hundreds of diverse businesses, each with its own unique marketing needs that run the full gamut of our services. Our customized marketing solutions reflect the personality and flair of each respective brand. Browse through a sampling of our client portfolio.

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Your business’ revenue is reflective of it’s overall image portrayal. Our concise signature style is unique and is channeled  through all social media, marketing strategy, content and copy to achieve the ultimate marked goal to increase your bottom line. Inquire about our corporate identity packages. Ask about our magical iPoppers!


Showcase your image with our boutique genre of clean and minimalistic market trends. Our customized design collections utilize the uppermost echelons in design, including niche photography shoots, to enhance your market value. We offer printing services, as an exclusive perk to our clients.


Unparalleled experience based knowledge establishes us as the leaders in strategic ad placement. Your business has its own unique target audience, identifying your potential clients’ niche locale, becomes a mutual goal. Our buying power assures that you get the utmost in negotiated deals and prime placement. Your message. Anywhere. Everywhere. It is our mission and hallmark.


OOH advertising has awesome value, as it targets your desired demographic in their respective communities. Our alliances with world renowned gorilla marketing venues, includes exclusivity for outdoor bus station billboards, newspaper kiosks and highway billboards, in key locations to meet all our clients needs.


An impressive cyberspace presence is akin to a brick n’ mortar storefront. Our web design team is all encompassing. We start from the ground up to ensure optimum visual appeal and efficacy. SEO and digital marketing services and consultation are par the course, guaranteeing your site’s maximum success.


Fluid linguistics is the foundation of a successful campaign. Bold and beautiful versus soft and flowery…your message is unique and it deserves the utmost attention and expertise. Harness the literary prowess of our accomplished writers,for all your marketing requirements, including; portfolios, advertorials, ads, and all promotional material.

Why iCatch Media?

We are a passionate, creatively driven team of professionals. We love challenges, opportunities and unique mediums of exposure. Our common denominator is an obvious streak of pride in offering our clients a truly boutique marketing experience. You and your business are the driving force behind our trailblazing style. So, come on in…

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  • Frumi Meisels
      Frumi MeiselsPresident & CEO

      Exceeding our clients’ needs and satisfaction, personalizes  Frumi’s mode operandi. Her professionalism fortified from years of  experience in the industry, is the bedrock of iCatch Media.

    • Abraham
        AbrahamCOO/ Finance Director

        Fiscal responsibility is crucial for a successful business. Abraham oversees our financial cornerstone, so that we can all be readily available to cater to your needs.

      • Mechal
          MechalMarketing Director

          Passion coupled with expertise, Mechal is our marketing director and strategist, the drive behind our creative teams’ awesome accomplishments.

        • Raizy
            RaizySales Manager

            Efficiency. Punctuality. Professionalism. This is what you will encounter when dealing with Raizy. Relax, you’re in good hands!

          • Gershon
              GershonWeb Design

              Sophisticated and functional web development and design,  is Gershon’s specialty. He’ll guide you through the intricacies of the cyber world.

            • Faigy
                FaigySocial Media

                Branding your business to the millions of potential consumers, is a logistic challenge. Faigy takes it on with a savvy and professional hands’ on approach.

              • Steve
                  SteveCopy Writer

                  Our linguistics pro raises the bar in writing excellence. Steve will bring forth your message in a classically  brilliant fashion.

                • Chayie

                    The comprehension  of nuances and cultural differences is Chayie’s expertise. She ensures that  iCatch Media is ready for the global marketplace.

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                  • " We were planning a large event targeting women in the Jewish community, and Frumi and her iCatch team came highly recommended. We were extremely impressed with the results! Frumi set up a strategic marketing  plan for us and worked within our budget to get us the wide exposure we needed, using multi-media venues. We contribute the events’ success to the iCatch Media team.  They are very professional, personable and extremely honest. I highly recommend!"

                    E. YaishNYU Medical Center
                  • "Time and again, iCatch Media has proven to be a reliable, creative voice in the world of advertising. Their messages are carefully crafted and above all, put their clients wishes first."

                    Melissa Powell, LNHA Bedford Center- The Allure Group
                  • "I’ve seen Frumi Meisels’ work, and I am very impressed. She is a real professional who puts in her all in every project she undertakes."

                    Rabbi Avi Shafran
                  • "Working with Frumi Meisels and iCatch Media for the last few years has made our job a lot easier. It’s rare to find someone who handles every single aspect of marketing so effectively and efficiently. From concept development and ad design to placement, all ours and our clients’ needs are taken care of without letting anything fall through the cracks. iCatch Media’s exemplary service and attention to detail ensure that  we do not have to sacrifice on quality of service in any area. We find that any work we do with iCatch leaves our clients satisfied and our sales and production team happy, ultimately leading to a better product. Frumi’s marketing expertise, backed by years of experience,  means that we get to benefit from her accrued knowledge to create the best product possible. "

                    Avi Lazar Mishpacha Magazine, CEO
                  • "I had the enormous privilege of meeting Frumi Meisels at the first editorial conference of AMI Magazine, when the publication was just in the planning stages. As its founding marketing and advertising sales professional, she immediately became an integral and significant part of its start-up and subsequent stellar success.  Her creative vision and initiative, as well as her professionalism and integrity contributed greatly to its tremendous rise.  Any organization, institution or company that will work with her is guaranteed amazing results!"

                    Yitta Halberstam MandelbaumBest-Selling Author
                  • “iCatch Media, and specifically Frumi are a pleasure to work with. They have a true sense of professionalism and excel at their commitment to their clients success and satisfaction.”

                    Shelli WeiszThe JWE, Chairman
                  • "I have known Frumi for a while. Her upbeat, forward thinking and inspirational attitude, defines her as a consummate businesswoman. She is aggressive in the gentlest way and assertive without placing the person she is speaking to in any discomfort. She is well spoken and a true professional. I am sure that anyone associated with her will be many times blessed by the relationship."

                    Zisha NovosellerEPI Networking, CEO
                  • "We are proud clients of iCatch Media, using their services for media planning/strategizing and ad placement. With our recent campaign, we witnessed how Frumi performed absolute miracles with our budget. While we did have a sizable earmarked amount, she stretched it to its max, obtaining great deals-resulting in thousands of dollars of savings for our organization This campaign and all others, ran seamlessly and smoothly, as the iCatch team implemented all with full responsibility and efficiency, allowing us time to plan our event. Frumi is a professional par excellence, one who we truly admire and respect."

                    Vivienne Moskowitz, Medical ConsultantA Time
                  • "iCatch Media is a pleasure to work with. As an overseas advertiser targeting the USA market, their help is invaluable to me. They are always open to hear my ideas and plans, and then offer their own advice to help pinpoint the proper advertisements based on local needs. It is truly a blessing to have one company handle all of our advertising so effectively."

                    Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser, International LecturerThe Possible You
                  • "We thought we’ve been doing our advertising  just right- that is.. until Frumi arrived. She walked through our doors, like a breath of fresh air, offering us ideas we’ve never entertained before. She took our business to the next level, by placing us strategically on her bus station billboard spots, as well as placing an attractive ad , which her team designed for us,  up on a  billboard on the BQE.   In addition to receiving great results and huge exposure, her ideas suddenly brought an added air of prominence to our already well-known business. It is a pleasure to work with Frumi, who we’ve developed a close relationship with. We highly recommend iCatch Media."

                    Gary M. SternOwner Marcy’s Clothing/The Boys’ Club
                  • Thank you iCatch Media Inc. and your talented team for designing the portfolio / brochure for Partners in Chinuch Inc. You brought the publicity of our nonprofit organization to a new level. With your talent and creative design, Partners in Chinuch will reach new heights and will receive the financial support it needs to continue its valued work of innovative programs for Jewish education around the world. You will be a partner in the new energy and excitement in the learning and growth in Torah that will be enhanced in classrooms and homes. Thank you so much iCatch Media!

                    Rabbi Yosaif KitayPartners in Chinuch, Founder
                  • I have known Frumi Meisels personally for many years and have done business with her as well. She is clear about mutual expectations, delivers on her commitments with honesty and timeliness, and comes through with quality and then value added. Working with her means getting consummate professionalism on all levels.

                    Feigie Horowitz MSProgram coordinator for Career Services at Touro College
                  • "We have been using iCatch Media’s advertising services for several years now, and are very satisfied clients. Frumi guides us every step of the way; assisting with our advertising/budget decisions, and placing all our ads in strategic locations, from print media to outdoor media.  Frumi’s  integrity and honesty is well-known. She is a true expert in her field, and an absolute pleasure to work with!"

                    Ari Birnbaum, CMOBirns Telecommunictions
                  • "We’ve recently opened our new store, and we credit iCatch Media for its successful launch! They’ve branded us in the most awesome way, from our logo and business card design, our bags and boxes, and our attractive signage. They created and strategically placed our ads that literally brought the crowds in. We are extremely impressed with their high quality work, creativity , efficiency and exemplary service."

                    Moshe SchonfeldSatmar Meat and TakeOut
                  • "I’ve been working with Frumi for years now, and we developed a bond above and beyond a business relationship. She and her iCatch Media team carry the whole burden of advertising, freeing me of time and energy to devote solely to my business. Frumi is more like a friend, who treats my business with the same concern and interest, as if it would be her own. I value her advice and I have utmost admiration and respect for the work that she and iCatch Media provide."

                    Esther L. KleinEstetique
                  • I have my own company where I have to wear many different "hats". Working with Frumi Meisels for my advertising  needs was a pleasure because she is very knowledgeable, and trustworthy. She is always quick to respond to ALL of my  million questions with patience and interest. Frumi was able to understand the importance of what I was looking for. She really gets it!! Many thanks!

                    Miryam WerdygerDarco Coaching Inc.
                  • "Being involved in the medical field, I was seeking a competent team of professionals to handle our marketing for us. Frumi of iCatch Media Inc came highly recommended. From our first consultation with her and Veetal, I already understood why. Their expertise, vast knowledge in the field of marketing and advertising, and creativity impressed me. In addition, the scope of their understanding of our field and it's specific needs produced very positive results. They have branded our organization, by creating our logo, promotional material and all of our copy/creative work. My utmost gratitude goes to the iCatch Team"

                    Rabbi Aron Jacobowitz, ProCreative Consultants Founder and President