Case Study: The Launch of Savvy Returnz

Client Profile:

In early 2019, after 10 years in the e-commerce industry, Joseph Ortner had an idea. He wanted to start an exciting new business that helps sellers with unwanted merchandise. So when a business has returns or is overstocked on certain items, Joseph’s company would resell it for them so that business can turn their problem into a profit. Joseph had the idea, but where should he go from there?


Joseph needed assistance on building his business from the ground up. The first challenge was coming up with a business name and logo. He needed something snappy that would stick in the minds of potential customers. The business also needed an aesthetic. A distinct look that would make it memorable and set it apart from any potential competitors. This would be a vital part of the new business’ brand. The branding material would need to include their message — or who they were as a company — set in a tone that would serve as the voice of the business. But what was the message?

Once the preliminary branding was complete, Joseph’s business would need to have a large, successful launch. He needed an advertising campaign that aggressively targeted his intended customers. He needed ads that would be eye-catching and bring people in. He also needed to figure out what kind of marketing strategy worked best for his type of business. How he marketed his business would be paramount for building brand awareness, especially with a business so young. He’d tried print media, but found it to be too expensive and limited in its reach. Was there another type of media that would work better?

With such a large array of needs, Joseph turned to iCatch Media. He knew they could guide him and his budding business through it all.


With the ambitious business owner putting his faith in them, iCatch Media got to work. They saw a lot of potential in Joseph’s idea. After studying the specifics of his business plan and looking at the layers of it as a product, they laid out a plan to make it a whole lot more than an idea. 

First, they chose a name. They picked something that conveyed what the business did but also was short and easy to remember: Savvy Returnz. “Savvy” implying that they have the inside knowledge a seller needs in order to resell their returned items. iCatch Media designed a logo that was a vibrant red in lowercase font. Eye-catching, but also simplistic, giving its viewers the feeling that working with this company would be just as simple. Which is exactly the message that iCatch Media wanted to create: Savvy Returnz is easy, hassle-free, and a business you can trust. 

In order to propel the brand, iCatch Media decided to use out of home (OOH) advertising. The ads were designed with Savvy Returnz’s signature red coloring, an image to make it more personable, and bold fonts with strong messaging. But where would the ads be the most effective? iCatch Media had that covered as well. They were strategically placed on bus station billboards where business owners would see them coming to and from work or when they were out on their lunch breaks. The ads were showcased all over — including various Brooklyn locations, Staten Island, Far Rockaway, Kew Gardens, and upstate New York — ensuring that plenty of potential customers saw and recognized the Savvy Returnz name. “I knew that iCatch is the leader in outdoor media,” Joseph said. “I trusted that they would get my word out.” And they did!

There was a lot of buzz about our ads, because of the striking design, with messaging that resonated with our target market,” says Joseph. “So in addition to an actual response, we received a lot of positive feedback on our ads.”


Thanks to iCatch Media, Savvy Returnz has gone from idea to full-fledged business. They have a memorable name and logo, top-tier branding materials, unforgettable ads, and a marketing plan that is already showing a return on investment. In the year since their launch, Savvy Returnz has had a steady stream of new client accounts, and has grown so significantly that they expanded their headquarters, moving into a larger warehouse. In the initial startup months, they received an increase in inquiry calls and saw an average of 12 new clients who signed up for their services per month, and gained much more traction beyond that. This was a direct result of the OOH ads and the coordinating digital campaign iCatch coordinated. “There was a lot of buzz about our ads, because of the striking design, with messaging that resonated with our target market,” says Joseph. “So in addition to an actual response, we received a lot of positive feedback on our ads.” The launch was a huge success!

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Joseph is more than thrilled with iCatch Media’s services. His business continues to thrive and attract new customers every day. He plans to stick with the OOH ad platform, and even dip into online advertising as well. And for Joseph, iCatch Media’s professionalism made all the difference. “I especially appreciate the fact that I felt that I was their only client,” he says. “The process was very pleasant. Very smooth. I encountered no difficulty. Just professional, caring, and dedicated service.”




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