4 Ways to Promote Your Event with OOH Ads

Whether it’s a gala, an auction, or a grand opening, events are a fun way to bolster your business. They can help you reach potential customers, drum up new business, or celebrate a company achievement. You’ve picked a date. You’ve secured a location. You contacted a caterer. But how do you ensure that people will know about your event? How do you reach your target attendees? How do you promote the event to make it worth all the planning and organizing?

Out of Home ads (OOH) can be a highly effective way for you to do all of this. They are a visually creative method to draw people to your event, and therefore your business. Check out our tips and learn how you can use your OOH ads to promote your business’ event.

  1. Make it Easy
    Make it easy for people viewing the ad to see exactly what it’s for. Design the ad so the name of the event and your company is prominent. Include specifics on what kind of an event it will be so your target attendees know exactly what they’re going to get from the experience. Just remember to keep it short. Make the event’s location, date, and time stand out so people passing by can easily remember how to get there and when to come. Create a website for your event and display a catchy URL on the ad so people can look into it when they get home. If your event requires tickets, include an easy way to purchase them on the website. You can even include a QR code on the OOH ad, enabling any passersby to scan and register on the spot.

  3. Pictures
    Pictures on OOH ads are a great way to grab a viewer’s attention. If you’ve held a similar event before, use pictures from that event so people can see what to expect. Nothing will make a person want to attend an event more than seeing other people having fun. Make them think, “I want to be there, too.” FOMO is real! If you’ve never held an event like this before, staged images of parties that are similar to what you are planning are still a great way to bring people in. A visually pleasing photo will help people associate your event, and therefore your business, with a good time.

  5. Perks
    What perks you want to include, if any, really depends on your event. But a giveaway, raffle, or contest can be a great way to get people interested. Everyone loves getting stuff for free. Advertising the event’s giveaway on the OOH ad will get your viewers interested. And offering giveaways such as merchandise with your company name on it ends up being even more advertising for you. Also consider making the OOH ad itself a giveaway. For example, a photo of the ad could be a free or discounted ticket to the event. Or put a promo code on the ad that folks can use to get free stuff at the event. This can also help you figure out how many attendees at the event are there because they saw the OOH ad.

  7. Consider Your Location
    As we always say, one of the biggest perks of OOH ads is that you can meet your potential audience right where they are. When deciding who you want to promote your event to, consider the location of your OOH ads. If you want younger folks to attend, put your ads in neighborhood with younger residents. If you want professionals to attend, place your ads in an area with lots of businesses and offices. Placing ads in areas with high turnaround, such as subway cars or at bus station billboards, will mean even more people are seeing it. Also consider the location of the event itself. Putting an ad close to where the event will be held increases the chance that locals who live near the event space will want to come check it out.

By knowing how to use OOH ads, you can market your event to your target audience and gain some valuable attendees. Once they attend your event, have a good time, and become aware of your business, watch them go from party guests to loyal customers.

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