5 Tips for Creating an Impactful OOH Ad

Now that you’ve chosen to include OOH ads into your advertising plan, you want to make sure it’s doing its job. Having an effective ad can be the difference between a high rate of investment and a money pit. But as you may have noticed, there are a lot of OOH ads out there. So many, it could be hard to recollect all the ones you’ve seen by the end of the day. The ones you do remember — those were the ones that were designed and created thoughtfully. With every OOH ad vying for its audience’s attention, how can you be sure that your ad is being seen and remembered?

Making an impactful ad can be simple, if you know the basics. Check out these tips we’ve put together on how to make your ad stand head and shoulders above the rest.

    1. A Splash of Color
      Perhaps the most important part of an OOH ad is to make it eye-catching, so it stands out against the others. Use colors that will grab the viewer’s attention and draw them in. Consider incorporating the colors associated with your business, such as your logo colors, to keep it on-brand. But make sure the color is bold and vibrant. If you choose a color that’s too soft or pastel, it can blend into the sky or building your billboard is in front of. It’s also important to choose text that is in high contrast to the billboard’s background. Your audience only has a few short seconds to read your advertisement. Make sure they can.


    1. Short and Sweet
      When writing the content of your ad, be sure to use as few words as possible. Because customers are usually only viewing an OOH ad for a few seconds, you want to give them as much information as possible in the blink of an eye. Only tell the customer what they need to know: your business name, what your business does, and how they can learn more. When possible, use pictures! Remember the old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” A viewer is more likely to remember a graphic than a paragraph of text. Here’s a simple test to see if your ad is succinct enough: look at your design from across the room for only five seconds. Were you able to read everything? If not, it’s time to edit it down.


    1. Keep it Catchy
      Since you don’t have much time to grab and keep your potential customer’s attention, make your slogan or tagline easy to remember. Keeping it simple, catchy, or even having it rhyme will make it stick in the viewer’s mind. Also, try and keep your phone number or website as simple as possible. This increases the chance that people who see your advertisement will take the time to look it up later.


    1. Location, Location, Location
      Consider your ad’s location when you are deciding how to design it. Can you make the ad more relatable to the specific viewer? Can you use something in the immediate vicinity of the ad to your advantage? For example, if your ad is going to be at an outdoor bus station, you can create content that targets commuters. Or if you know your billboard is going to be against a colorful backdrop, make the ad background white so it stands out. Oftentimes, the location of the ad is just as important as the ad itself.


    1. Get Creative
      At the end of the day, you can create a colorful ad with a short message, catchy phone number, and put it in the best location… but none of that helps if viewers don’t remember it. To ensure your potential customers recall your OOH ad, you need to get creative. Making your ad humorous or witty can give the viewer a laugh on their morning commute, and will make you stick in their mind. Designing an ad that is fun or beautiful and pleasing to the eye will make them want to snap a pic and maybe even share it on social media. Don’t be afraid to get innovative. Push the boundaries. Anything you can do to make your ad stand out will make it more effective and raise its value to you and your business.


Take the time to make your OOH ad memorable. This is your chance to get creative. Stand out against the plethora of billboards. If you want to be the first business people think of, make yourself unforgettable.

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