Case Study: Coffee Liqueur Brand Advertises on Bus Station Billboards and Sells Out in Local Store

Short challenge: Working from a tight budget, MISCEO founder needed to expand her brand awareness within the Brooklyn community, and especially promote her coffee liqueur product during the Yom Tov (holiday) season.

Short Outcome: iCatch Media marketing team guided MISCEO to place outdoor media in a specific neighborhood to increase market demand in local stores.

misceo bus shelters

Client Profile: MISCEO is a coffee liqueur brand developed by Gitty, who is not only an entrepreneur, but also a young mother, an ABA therapist and a first grade teacher. She first made this as a kosher alternative for her mother-in-law. Gitty explains, “every daughter-in-law knows that on Purim you need to impress your mother-in-law, and I knew mine loved liqueur. The brand she drank had its hechsher pulled, so I set out to make my own, and then I gave it to her as Mishloach Manot.” That first Purim, the very large bottle of Gitty’s homemade brew was gone within two hours. When word spread of her delicious liqueur, she found herself filling requests for friends and neighbors before finally bringing her product to market. From nailing down the recipe to finding partners and distributors, this founder built her business from the ground up. Unlike other liqueurs, which are syrupy and often too sweet, MISCEO is less thick with a stronger, richer flavor. It’s 35% alcohol content, compared to similar products with 18-20% alcohol content. Stored in beautiful Italian bottles, it makes an ideal gift. 


The bus station billboard stirred so much interest that the owner of the store reordered MISCEO three times during the four week period that the ad was live.

Challenge: The founder of MISCEO wanted to expand her business in the Frum community. She had built awareness through word of mouth the first year her product was brought to market, and only planned to do minimal advertising in the second. The company was self-funded, and as a young mother, her budget was very tight. Gitty needed an advertising team that could advise and guide her while also allowing her to make her own decisions. 

Outcome: iCatch Media set up MISCEO with a bus station billboard near the 13th Avenue liquor store where the product was sold, soliciting both foot traffic and drivers. The bus station billboard stirred so much interest that the owner of the store reordered MISCEO three times during the four week period that the ad was live. Customers often referenced the ad to both the store owner and the founder herself. It caught people’s attention and prompted them to walk into the nearby liquor store. iCatch Media was able to work within MISCEO’s budget to create an impactful campaign with measurable growth for the business. Gitty also noted that “the iCatch team was just so nice. They worked with me and they understood me. They didn’t push me to spend money. They guided me to advertise strategically. They were easy to work with, responsible, and knowledgeable of marketing and the particular benefits of outdoor media.”


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