How to Create Brand Awareness 

You’ve completed the research. You’ve done the brainstorming. You’ve gone through the creative process. You finally have your brand! It’s the thing that gives your business its look, its voice, its message, and its uniqueness. But a brand is only successful if you advance your brand awareness. If you want to learn more about what exactly is brand awareness and why it’s important, check out our blog here

So how do you create brand awareness? How do you make your brand stick in the minds of potential customers? Check out our five tips for developing brand awareness so you can put your brand to work.


Tell a Story

As humans, we love to hear stories. Does the origin of your company have an interesting, personal story? Share that with your audience so they see you as a person, not just someone trying to sell them something. A touch of authenticity that your audience can connect to. When you create promotional content, give them characters they can identify with or a story that has your business as a resolution. Stories are paramount for communication and making personal connections. And making that connection with your customers will create a richer, deeper connection with your brand, which will thereby increase the likelihood that that people who come across your brand will actually remember your brand when needed. 


Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be effective tools when you are promoting brand awareness. Facebook is a great way to create a community with your customers through your page or even a group. With more engagement with your page and your brand, you increase people’s awareness about your company and who you are. As a visual platform, Instagram is the place for you to showcase your business’ aesthetic. Keep your signature colors and images prominent. Invite customers to send their stories and photos to you for you to post, to give your account a more personal feel. Twitter is the platform for giving your customers the chance to talk back to you. Having an open, honest, or even funny dialogue will make your brand memorable.


Stay Uniform

You chose a name people can easily remember. A slogan they get stuck in their head. A logo that can become a classic. Colors that draw the eyes toward it. A message that sets you apart from other companies. And once you’ve chosen these aspects of your brand, stick with them. Use the same style guidelines and messaging on every piece of material, promotion, and advertising. From the flyers you pass out, to the website you launch, keep it consistent. The uniformity will make you feel familiar to your audience and promotes a sense of steadfastness and trust. Customers will know exactly what they will get when they come to your business. 



Don’t just be a business. Be a person. Create a strong voice to make interaction with your customers feel more like they’re talking with a friend. For example, using humor in your promotional materials can make your business appear more charming. Or if the brand you’re pushing is charitability and community engagement, highlight your company’s volunteerism with photos about the work you’re doing. If your brand is focused on hassle-free customer service, make your representatives the trusted face of the company. Adding an identity to your brand is a great way to forge a lasting relationship with your customers and reach potential customers.. 



OOH ads are unique in their ability to create awareness among your target audience with a bold, visual statement. Make a large, eye-catching ad with your signature colors and style, showing viewers your business’ personality and message. OOH ads can be a canvas to tell a story. Use multiple billboards to expand that story and draw the viewer in. By placing ads at bus stations or newsstands, a person will see your ad consistently in their commutes to work. Keep an ad at the same location for years, cementing it in the neighborhood and the minds of the viewer. Use that repetition of your brand to create a lasting impression on the viewer. Soon, they’ll become not just familiar with your brand, but truly aware of it. So when they do finally need your services, your business will be the first one they think of.  

Don’t be afraid to use more than one tip on this list. In fact, try to use as much as possible. Brand awareness requires multiple touchpoints, from multiple forms of media and marketing. It’s not just about getting your name out there. It’s about getting in front of your customers, consistently and constantly, and showing them who you are in a way that will make your business familiar and trusted. 


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