Fidelis Care Targets Boro Park and Williamsburg

Fidelis Care provides quality, affordable health insurance coverage to more than 1.7 million people of all ages and at all stages of life in New York State. The company was aiming to target the Orthodox Jewish demographic of Boro Park and Williamsburg. To this end, they effectively partnered with iCatch Media as their liaison to the frum community, choosing them for their exclusive Outdoor Media Spots within this enclave.

We strategically dominated the area, placing their large-scale advertisements on more than a dozen prominent news stands and bus shelters. Each ad spot was carefully considered with the languages written in English or Yiddish, depending on the audience viewing the ad at each location. This was just the first segment of iCatch Media’s multi-channel marketing plan: we then offered a carefully crafted print media plan, enabling them to effectively reach their audience through other venues by placing them in all major English and Yiddish-language newspapers, magazines and local publications.

Fidelis Care understood the value of target marketing. They knew that to capture an audience you need to hit them where it matters most: right in their neighborhood where they walk and talk, and interact with friends and family, and make their daily personal, family and business decisions.

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