Case Study: Hamodia Launches New Magazine with Strategic OOH Advertising

Client Profile: Hamodia is a daily Jewish newspaper that recently updated their publication from a newspaper to include a beautiful glossy news magazine, Hamodia Prime. With the publishing industry going through rapid changes, print media has to work fast to keep up with the times. Looking to increase their younger readership, Hamodia listened to customer feedback and went through a major revamp. This included some updates to content and columnists, but mainly focused on a complete redesign of the newspaper itself. In addition to the redesigned newspaper which focuses on breaking and community news, Hamodia now offers a glossy, full color news magazine.

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Challenge: With the new design, Hamodia moved in newsstands from the newspaper section to the magazine section. The company was looking for a way to inform their current and potential customers about where to find their improved product. To do this, Hamodia wanted to reach people as close to the point of sale as possible. So they turned to iCatch Media for help.

Game Plan: The iCatch Media team secured prime out-of-home (OOH) ad space for Hamodia, reaching a large segment of their target audience. Hamodia ads appeared at bus stations, boards near newsstands, and even advertising spots located directly on newsstands. The results spoke for themselves.

The OOH ads were definitely a worthwhile investment. 

Outcome: iCatch Media’s OOH placement strategy proved to be very effective. The ads from the Hamodia team were professional and eye-catching, and paired with the OOH media, the ads were able to get people walking by to take a second look. They helped to make customers aware of the newspaper’s changes and even created buzz amongst new potential customers. Overall, Hamodia saw in increase in interest around their product.

Feedback: Hamodia chose iCatch Media because of their ability to get advertisements in target locations. Israel Bitton, a marketing consultant for Hamodia, praised iCatch media for their great pricing and smooth process.“Working with iCatch was very straight forward, easy, and professional” says Bitton. “The OOH ads were definitely a worthwhile investment.”

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