4 Ways to Track the Effectiveness of OOH Ads

Looking for a way to make your company stand out? You’ve done your branding. You’ve launched your website. Time to put your new brand to work by doing smart advertising! But, where do you even begin? With so many options to choose from — newspaper, television, direct mail, online ads — it’s hard to know where you will get the most bang for your buck. What kind of advertising works best? It might surprise you, but the most successful ads aren’t the ones trying to reach people in their homes. For more effective advertising, you need to go outside.

We get it. You’re probably shying away from out of home advertising (or OOH). Maybe you think, “Only large, established companies can go this big.” Well, here’s a secret: Billboards are not just for big companies. Small businesses and midsize businesses can benefit just the same, and still stay within marketing budget! People spend 70% of their time outside of their home. OOH ads allow you to meet your customers where they already are. They give you the opportunity to capture an attentive audience and target your desired customer base. This can drive local traffic and bring awareness to your company’s brand, which is the whole point!

But what about the hard numbers? How can you actually measure the effectiveness of your OOH ad? You need to be sure they are in the right locations and getting to the right audiences. In order to do this, get creative. And, check out these ideas we’ve compiled–ideas that we know work!

Here are some of the ways you can track your OOH ad’s return on investment:

  1. Keywords and Codes
    What’s the password? In the OOH ad, tell your customers to mention a keyword when they contact you. Or include a unique code for them to use when they access your website. It shows the potential customer that you want them, specifically, to check out your company. It will encourage the potential customer to take action–and not just read the ad. Offering a discount with a code shared on a billboard can also boost traffic. And put your brand to work–make the keyword or code a word or phrase associated with your company to help it stick in the viewer’s mind.

  3. Special Links or Call Tracking
    Include an exclusive phone number or website link to your company on the OOH ad. You can check how many people accessed your website using the special link, or how many people called your company using the specific phone number. This allows you to see how many people were directed to you from that advertisement specifically.

  5. Have Customers Snap a Pic
    Who doesn’t love 10% off? Offer your audience a discount by having them include a picture of the ad when they reach out to you or come to your location. Maybe even up that discount if they share the photo on social media. You can tell which OOH ads people are seeing the most and which ones are convincing them to check your company out. It also makes the ad more interactive and fun for the customers!

  7. Customer Survey
    All you have to do is ask! It might seem basic, but sometimes just asking the customer is the most effective way to see how your ad is doing. Whether over the phone or online, include a question asking them how they found out about your company. You’d be surprised how often the answer is your billboard or bus station ad. According to the Out of Home Advertising Association of America, the return on investment for OOH ads is higher than both print and television advertising.

It’s time for you to take advantage of OOH ads.  Make yourself stand out. Make yourself unforgettable. And, don’t just pass up on the OOH opportunity, thinking that there is no way to measure your ROI. Using these simple tricks can help to measure how effective your ads are.

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