Conference Tips

Recently, we at iCatch Media have had the opportunity to attend a few business conferences and we cannot get enough! Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your business conference experience:

  1. Network, network, NETWORK!

It may seem passé or rude to approach people at a conference holding your business card, but most people want to network with you as much as you want to network with them. Be the person who stands out from the crowd by being bold, fearless, and selling your company or service the way most people talk about their pets: passionately.

  1. Come prepared.

Conference centers are usually either cold enough that you expect penguins to be in attendance, or warm enough to melt your shoes. Come prepared with jackets, water bottles, and anything else you may need. And, bring extra-loaning a wrap or giving away a granola bar can help you make fast friends.

  1. Know what’s going on…everywhere.

Conferences put the big name speakers in the biggest halls because those are the speeches attended by the most people. But often the best/most useful networking and speeches happen in the smaller areas. Network by asking the other people there why they’re attending, their answers may surprise you!

  1. Get clued in on the area.

If you make a meaningful contact or two, you may want to invite them to grab coffee or lunch outside of the conference center. Knowing where to find the best sandwiches in town or how far it is to the nearest Starbucks can score you major points with potential clients.

  1. Get connected, stay connected.

Once you have the connections from the conference, keep in touch! Send Linkedin invites that evening or the next morning and follow up with a friendly email reminding them of a conversation you had or something a speaker said. You can never know when your new connections will come in handy so keep in touch!

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